Tuesday, October 17, 2006

If I was president...

It would take a revolution, I would give power back to the people.

Fuck Congress, we ask people what they want, and we let them vote on everything...any law, any rule, we take a vote.

You can vote anyway you want to: personal, email, text message, phone call, anything to get your voice counted.

Never again would our poor suffer. Health care is a right, not a privledge. We are the richest nation in the world, our citizens deserve medical treatment, a right to life.

Our nation would become independently self-sufficient. Instead of making our president more money on foreign oil, we find ways to power ourselves from the inside.

No more corporate take-over. We break up big companies and/or factory farms. No one person could have stock in more than 1 communication network.

No more viacomm multi-media, brainwash propaganda 24/7 on our citizens. Let anyone with talent shine through on their own show and/or network.

Peace-No more hypocritical secret agenda bullshit wars. We were attacked that day because they disagreed with how we live. Now we attack them and make sure they change to our way. And our "leader" won't let our kids come home until they do.

Our heroes would be paid like heroes. Tax the pro athletes, actors, and corporate execs, etc. and pay the people who actually risk their own lives for our country: soldiers. If a soldier is injured in war, he should live comfortably the rest of his life through our taxes. Why does our president and other political leaders make so much, and our soldiers so little?

Stop over-educating or at least stop stifiling creativity in our schools. There is not always a right way to do it. Let the children come up with new ways and see if they work. That is how we grow.

Why the fuck are nuclear weapons legal? We don't let anyone else build them, when we sit here with more than any other country. Outlaw weapons that can destroy our world.

No more 2-party system. I'm not a Republican, I'm not a democrat, I'm an American with my own ideas. Candidates would have a hard time mud-slinging if they had 24 different opponents with 24 sets of ideas. Candidates would be forced to decide what they believe and take a stand.

"If I was president...

I'd be elected on Friday

Assasinated on Saturday

Buried on Sunday

You'd go back to work on Monday

If I was president."

-Wyclef Jean

Sunday, October 15, 2006

I'm starting this blog as a way of resistance. My generation has grown up with little to no government participation. We seem to accept anything that the government does without any reistance. Why do we accept the laws that we do not believe in? Isn't this supposed to be a democracy? Demos=people krata=rule. We do not rule. I'm not really sure who does rule our country. The government would have us believe that George Bush does, but there is no way he is smart enough to input any original ideas into this regime. I'd like to think of it as an axis of evil with Cheaney, Rumsfeld, and Condoleeza rock paper scissoring for their agendas to be passed. But I doubt they even have that much control. It doesn't matter anyway, I do know that we, the people, have no control. We do not rule. Most of us don't vote and the ones that do have their votes counted and then other government officals vote for them. And they don't even necessarily get it right...BUSH LOST THE VOTE. HE RECEIVED LESS VOTES THAN GORE. Why is he our president? What happened to deomocracy? We, the people, voted for Gore, we got 8 years of Bush. I know there have to be millions of Americans who feel the same way. We don't have to live this way, our government is sposed to be formed by us, not us formed by our government. This is only one post on one blog, but if enough people want change, demand change. Change will come. Welcome to the revolution,